Apple MDM Reinvented

For a new Management Experience

Spjder brings Apple Mobile Device Management, a modern Web-Frontend, advanced Software Deployment and simplified Data Ownership together.

Combined with a transparent Pricing Structure, Spjder represents an ideal Solution for Managed Service Providers and Corporate IT Departments.

Packed with advanced Features

Spjder provides the Functionality of a high end Enterprise Solution combined with the Pricing of a modern SaaS Product.

For Managed Services Providers

One Instance. Many Customers.

Spjder is a perfect solution for Managed Services Providers. You can connect multiple Apple Business Manager accounts to different customers and sync their devices and apps. Easily cluster them by units, groups and sites.

For Company IT Departments

One Instance. Your Infrastructure.

Through its on-premises hosting capability, Spjder provides an ideal environment for company IT Departments. Host your instance on your own infrastructure and stay compliant to your companies existing privacy policies.

Zero Touch Deployment

Tired of unboxing countless devices and manually enrolling them into your existing management system? Connect Spjder with Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager and provide zero touch enrollment out of the Box. Never unbox a device prior to its user again.

Modern Technology

Easy Installation. Easy Updates. Reliable Components.

By packaging everything, that Spjder needs to run, into a few sleek Docker-Containers, we simplified the installation and update process to a minimum. Let our Companion App do all the management work for your Spjder Server instance.

MDM. Anywhere. Anytime.

Based on latest web technology, Spjder offers a fast and user-friendly web interface. It is fully responsive designed to work with any web browser on any device. Manage your devices wherever you are.

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